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Immersive Art Brought to You

Turn your event, business, or home into an immersive art exhibit.

Our Productions

Joe Cunningham for Govenor of South Carolina 420
360 degree projection mapping wedding
The Wonderer Charleston Projection Mapping by Prizm

Cunningham's Governor Campaign

Holy City Brewing


Gaillard Center

Anniversary Party

Club Trio Terrachrome Concert
The Ryder Hotel Little Palm Pool Projection Mapping
Mex 1 Rail Jam Projection mapping

Terrachrome Concert

Corporate Event

Ryder Hotel

Snow Board Rail Jam

Mex 1

Stand with Ukraine Beeple Projection Mapping
Dia De Los Muertos at the Wonderer
Projection Mapping Example Freedome Us Customs house

Stand with Ukraine

Charleston Tech Center

Día De Los Muertos

Independence Day

US Customs House

Gibbes Museum Projection Mapping
Redux Contemporary Art Center Studio Projection Mapping
Holiday Party Projection Mapping Prizm

Society 1858

Redux Annual Fund Raiser

Holiday Party

Mt Pleasant

 Artworks designed and produced using electronic media technologies.

Or more simply, art created through a computer.


Here at PRIZM our favorite forms of new media art include...

At PRIZM we bring immersive new media art to your wedding, event, business, or home.

We draw inspiration from experiences like the Van Gogh Exhibit, Art Tech House, Electric Forest, Burning Man, and Art Basel.

When choosing PRIZM, you receive a dedicated team of artists, designers, and technicians to turn your vision into a reality.


Projection Mapping Example 3.jpg

Projection Mapping

A video projection technique in which we map video footage onto a surface, turning common objects such as buildings, runways, stages, and even water – into astonishing displays.

Stage and concert lighting

Stage and Concert Lighting

Our team has designed, performed, and or operated at world renowned festivals including Lollapalooza, Ultra, EDC, Hulaween, Beyond Wonderland, and so many more. 

Did someone say laser beam? 

Immersive event design

Immersive Event Design

Want to turn your event into a Van Gogh exhibit? We can design moving 'wallpaper' on every wall, ceiling, or floor in your space. We can you painting with light just by moving your hands. 

We also provide café lighting, up lighting, chandeliers, and all other traditional lumens.



We offer a full suite of services, including drone footage, wedding photography, video recap, graphic design, and more.

Permanent art installation

Permanent Installations

Own your own piece of new media art. With a flip of a light switch turn every corner of your living room or business into an immersive projection experience.

Speakers bass


From speakers and PAs, to full bands and DJs, we have the stuff that makes your party go bump.

Projection Mapping The Charleston Place Hotel_edited.jpg

Get to Know Us

At PRIZM, we live and breathe immersive experiences, merging the enchantment of art and technology into every moment. Our journey is driven by a deep love for New Media Art, where digital dreams transform into reality, and innovation dances with imagination.

We're in the business of turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary canvases through our expertise in Projection Mapping, Light Shows, and Custom Visuals. Our inspiration springs from iconic immersive wonders like the Van Gogh Exhibit and the creative spirit of Burning Man. We aim to evoke emotions, spark meaningful conversations, and leave audiences in absolute awe.

When you choose PRIZM, you're not just hiring a service; you're welcoming a dedicated team of artists, designers, and tech enthusiasts. We collaborate with you to transform your vision into living art. Whether it's a wedding, a corporate event, or a permanent installation, we infuse every project with innovation and a touch of magic.

We're more than a service – we're the creators of unforgettable moments, the weavers of lasting memories, and the pioneers of art and technology. Join us on a journey that transforms your world, one projection at a time.

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